Chicken Skin Wrapped Duck Sausage

A recipe to follow later but first a picture that makes ’em look gross which is a shame because these things are no joke.

They are a bit like a McNugget but ducky, a McDucket or something. I suppose you could use duck skins instead of chicken but I like the ducken aspect minus the usual ‘Tur’. Chicken skin is thinner and works a bit better here as a ‘shell’. Also duck skin tends to be a bit fattier which is probably going to make the sausage too greasy.

To continue my circular skin-themed ramble, you could scrape down the duck skin a bit to remove the grease risk but that raises the worry that you do in fact hate God* and are taking Him on. Duckskin is one of the few perfect items in existence (Not for these sausages admittedly but then these are special, I made ’em) Messing around with something as awesome as duckskin just seems idiotic and not entirely in line with His plan. You should use duckskin properly. Make Peking duck, crisp it up and dip it in dip, build an edible ‘Robocop‘ costume from crispy duckskin and eat yrself nude in the midst of a fancy dress party. Don’t mess with it, leave it be. If you start fiddling with the Creator’s good works you best be prepared for hellfire, damnation, locusts et al.

* God is a catch-all term encompassing whatever you do or don’t believe in: God god/Buddha/Frankenstein/Ferran Adria/Ganesh/Alanis Morrisette. Whoever. No judgement round here y’all. Although many of this heavy duty posse I just mentioned maybe ain’t down with people wrapping dead animals in the skin of other dead animals in the manner of a crazed B-movie scientist. Whatever you reckon. Just don’t fall out with your higher power over these McDuckets. Good though they are, I dunno if they are worth eternal damnation.

Recipe later, so think about it ’til then.

It’s all on you.

No responsibility on me.


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