Chicken Skin Wrapped Duck Sausage (Recipe Redux)


The how of it:


175g- duck. Use breast or thigh. It doesn’t really matter but tongues probably wouldn’t work great

8- chicken skins, trimmed of any gross or weird thick bits

1/4 cup- toasted rice (Put jasmine rice in a dry frying pan over a medium high heat. Toss around until light brown. Smash into a grit not a powder in a pestle and mortar

1/2 cup- sauce (See note)

1/2 Tbl- herbs/spice (See note)


Sauce: Basically you can use whatever you want. Consistency is your only concern. You need a thick sauce not a watery vinaigrette type number. Smoked ketchup if you want to play Deep South Civil War. Nahm Prik Pao if you are a Thai Backpacker type. Or do as this born playa did and throw some smoked-chilli hoisin sauce in there.


Herbs/Spice: Match with your sauce. If you are whipping up some Moorish lunacy go wild with some smoked paprika (Not too much! Whenever TV chefs use smoked paprika they hurl it in stuff like they are bug-powdering a garage floor. Too much and it makes everything taste like terracotta bonfires). Still dressing up as Abraham Lincoln and firing off a musket? A little cayenne and sassafras with that smoked ketchup is a strong move. Smoked-chilli hoisin needs a bit of finely chopped coriander stalk and maybe a tacky pinch of five-spice. Tacky just because every time I use Chinese Five-spice it tastes like bad/good takeaway food. Maybe some Togarashi (Japanese Seven-Spice) is the classier maneuver. Depends how suave you are I suppose.

-Place duck, rice, herbs/spice in food processor and pulse until chopped but not mulch. You need mince not duck-shampoo. Transfer to a bowl.

-Season with salt and pepper. Mix.

-Add enough sauce to create a moist but not dripping wet sausage mix. Exclusive breast mixes (sounds like a bad dance music compilation CD) will probably take the whole half cup. Fattier thigh mixes maybe a little less.

-Refrigerate until well chilled.

-Stretch each chicken skin out flat, outside down. Season interior with salt.

-Add between one and two tablespoons of duck sausage. This all depends on how big your chicken skins are. If you have some crazy old Big Bird type, maybe trim them down to a sensible size; about phone size (super modern measurement there) is good. Although if you are still using a StarTac phone, good on you, but go find a bigger bird to mess with.

-Fold the chicken skin around the sausage filling. Tuck the seam underneath and put on a lightly oiled baking tray. Season outside with salt.

-Refrigerate until you want to cook them. I have no idea how long they’ll keep. Probably not long. If you poison yourself by making them a week in advance, that’s on you.

-Cook in a hot oven, 200 centigrade until skin is golden and crispy. Thermometer reading should hit 160 in the center of a nugget when you take them out. The main aim is to crisp the skin. Unless your duck is total trash you probably wont overcook them so wait until the outside is right. Chewy chicken skin over wet duck aint pretty.

-Serve with more sauce, rice, chips, beer, wrap in lettuce leaves and ssam them, whatever you want. I provide the vague recipe, not the party planning. Go wild. Swap wives, sell tupperware or Avon stuff, or eat them off your gut in front of cooking shows on TV.





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