Rod Stewart Mayo

I liked the Small Faces. ‘Ogden’s Nut’ was pretty good for a while during ‘The heady Britpop Summer Of ’95’
I did not like The Faces. They sucked.
Rod Stewart solo is even worse. I am aware that my throwing a few insults at Rod Stewart is like dynamite fishing in a bucket stuffed with salmon, dead salmon, but I needed a brief segue/intro/babble.

The Maggi sauce, pictured below, is a seasoning sauce a bit soy-ish with a bit of Marmite snuff to it. In many parts of South East Asia, it’s in most of what yr eating, so I hear….it makes this mayo taste like crisps and its name gives me the Maggi(e) to my Ma(e)yo. I’m all about tacky sauces and terrible punning names.

Know this, ye need some Rod Stewart Mayo in your life, on your chips, burgers, face, wherever, it works and does good things. It’s the only good thing with his name on it.

Rod Stewart Mayo:

Mayo 1/2 cup. Hellmann’s or Kewpie or one of those show-offy farming sorts if that’s yr way, weirdo.

Maggi Seasoning Sauce 1T

Siracha Chilli Sauce 1t Or some other chilli sauce.

Mix ’em up and recognize!
I’m off to Copenhagen.


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